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fireplace services

CDR offers a variety of services to keep your fireplace working and looking great.

Yearly Maintenance

Most fireplace problems occur because of a dirty system. Dust, pet hair, and other debris can cause a system to malfunction. Manufacturers recommend your gas fireplaces be serviced annually by an NFI Technician to maintain efficient and safe operation. We offer this fireplace maintenance service to ensure your fireplaces are ready for the winter season. This service consists of cleaning logs, burners, pilot assemblies, and glass (if applicable). We will also check major components to make sure everything is working properly.

Fireplace Diagnostics & Repairs

Sometimes fireplace parts go bad. A general fireplace service consists of diagnosing the problem and correcting it. We will also clean the logs, pilot system, burner system, and glass if necessary. The only additional costs will be for any parts that need to be replaced.

Gas Log Installation‚Äč

We also sell, service and install gas logs. There are two types of logs you can purchase for your fireplace, vented and ventless. Vented logs can be installed into woodburning fireplaces with an approved listing. These logs add a convenient, robust alternative to solid fuel. Ventless logs may be installed into boxes designed and/or listed for ventless applications. Gas logs come in several sizes to accommodate for whatever size fireplace you may have.

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