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As an NFI Certified company, CDR Fireplace Services has repaired fireplaces for over 13 years. From service and repairs on your existing fireplace, to installing a new fire feature, you can rely on our expertise and customer service. At CDR Fireplaces, we stand by and guarantee all work completed by our certified technicians on your fireplace.

We cover all of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including Arlington, Desoto, and Keller. CDR Fireplaces welcomes all commercial and residential accounts in Texas.

  •   Melissa and her helper fixed our non-working gas fireplace on 10 Dec. 2018. They were prompt, efficient, courteous, and finished the job to my utmost satisfaction. They give excellent value for money.

    thumb Carter K.

      We have one of the gas fireplaces with the electric switch to turn on/off ... and we could not get it to function properly.  I contacted a few service companies and they were all busy as the colder weather had moved in and many people were requiring service.  CDR had a slightly higher initial service fee of $145 and couldn't get out quit as soon as some others that were $99.  I ended up making two appointments - one with a $99 company who had a "Certified" specialist for my Heatilator fireplace, and the other with CDR a few days later.  I figured if the first company fixed it cheaper, I could cancel CDR...

    The other company came out and the "certified" specialist seemed a little lost from the start.  He was making troubleshooting calls back to the office, which could make sense ... except he was supposed to be their expert - hmm.  Anyway, an hour and numerous office calls later I was informed I needed to replace my pilot assembly and valve... and that should do the trick.  When I asked what kind of protection I had if these fixes were made and it still didn't function correctly I got a blank stare, and then the notice that it still could be something different that was broken so they may need to reassess after the first two fixes.... which were estimated for $710 parts and labor...additional to my original $99.  UGH!!

    With that, I knew I wanted to keep the CDR appointment and get a second opinion and estimate.  Melissa showed up - and was very professional and knowledgeable right from the start!  Sure enough, the pilot was a malfunction ... so she cleaned it - how smart! 🙂  She then evaluated the rest of the system and made a couple adjustments to the electrical setup and our sensor.  Voila!  It was all fixed.  She also took the time to clean the glass and the components.  So amazing, and all within the $145 service fee - saving us from $700 or more in experimental fixes from the other company!

    Do not bother with anyone else, use CDR!  Have a true knowledgeable professional do the job right.  If you have to wait a couple extra days and pay a couple extra dollars in service fees, it could save you big time as it did us!  Thank you so much Melissa, our fireplace works and looks wonderful for the holidays!

    thumb Brett T.

      Extremely Helpful!!  I requested a quote for a repair which Melissa got back to me within an hour even though it was after business hours.  Then before scheduling someone to come out Melissa offered some tips to make sure a repair was definitely needed.  I would definitely would recommend CDR to anyone who is looking for help with their fireplace.

    thumb Kurt H.
  •   New to Dallas, and called  CDR fireplaces for service for my daughter's new home.  Melissa arrived on time and examined the problem right away.  She pinned point the problems and and explained them in a professional way, yet easy for me to understand.  She located the parts and installed them in 2 days.  During the short contact with Melissa, I am very impressed with her knowledge in fireplaces .  In addition, she also helped me to solve other fireplaces unrelated problems.

    I highly recommend CDR fireplaces.  Melissa delivers a superior  service with a very fair price.  

    Judy from Milwaukee

    thumb Judy Y.

      Very prompt and professional!
    Melissa came out and diagnosed our problem and had our fireplace up and running in a very short time.  I would highly recommend using them for service or new installations!

    thumb Tom M.

      CDR fixed my gas fireplace for the price of a service call. They also cleaned the glass so you can clearly see the flames again. My plumber thought it would need a new part, but it was fixed in one trip and these are definitely the folks to call for your annual fireplace maintenance (who knew?)!

    thumb K H.
  •   Very professional and considerate of our home by wearing shoe covers.  Arrived within the window of time provided.  We had a minor issue with our fireplace and he had it up and running quickly.  DeeAnn

    thumb DeeAnn R.

      Fantastic service!  Arrived on time, cleaned out my fireplace in an extremely timely manner and left me feeling like a knowledgeable homeowner regarding my fireplace.   My logs were all kinds of wrong and she corrected them.  I also REALLY appreciate that in fixing the logs she didn't make a mess around the fireplace.  Best money I've spent and I look forward to having them do the logs in my outdoor firepit next.

    thumb Christine E.

      First of all I must say it was very hard for me to determine who could fix my fireplace but as soon as I called this business they understood what my problem was and scheduled me for an appointment.  They apologized profusely for not being able to get to me when I needed them but they were at the appointed time on time.  Thanks in particular to Melissa Womack who was very professional and great at her job.  She did explain what I can do in the future but I have decided I will just call CDR again.

    thumb Waldine F.
  •   Melissa came out and was very thorough and efficient in diagnosing what was wrong with our fireplace, and getting it fixed.

    thumb Todd B.

      These guys are in high demand, and I see why.  Our gas fireplace went out in the middle of winter.  They were able to get out and "fix" it quickly (I did have to wait two weeks, but it was fireplace season).  As it turns out, it only needed cleaning and minor maintenance.  When the same thing happened in our master, we called them again.  The technicians both times were on time, professional, and friendly.

    thumb Jason V.

      Melissa knew the problem within minutes of arriving and had the fireplace fixed quickly. She spent time explaining the mechanics of my fireplace so that I can attempt to fix future problems. Great experience and would highly recommend!

    thumb Lynn H.
  •   CDR came out and fixed our fireplace. We just bought the house and the previous owner didn't have it setup right and the contacts on the chimney were bad. Kevin did a great job of looking everything over and making sure the logs were setup properly and that everything worked. We ended up paying just the regular fee plus $16 for the switch. The whole experience was pleasant and affordable.

    thumb Richard G.

      Melissa came to our house to service our gas logsets and she did a phenomenal job. She also gave us great advice about the issues we had been experiencing.

    thumb Austin L.

      Melissa was great. She was punctual and easy to communicate with. Above all the work is professional and very quick.

    thumb Ratna V.

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